Founded in 1995, GMM is specialized in the design and manufacture of precision electronic molds, automation machinery, and the precision parts of equipment mold. As the semiconductor industry and market matured gradually and grew steadily, in 2011, we merged with the “IC Business Unit” that has been spun off from GPM to provide customers with complete front-end and back-end packaging and inspection equipment for semiconductor manufacture. Our major product ranges include semiconductor process equipment, semiconductor detecting equipment, laser application equipment, precision machinery, and precision molds. By strengthening division of labor, we hope to share resources, share production, enhance core technology, expand market, and improve localized services in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China, to enhance the overall corporate operating performance.

Founded in 2001 as Apex-i Optoelectronics, the company changed name into Apex-i International Co., Ltd. in 2004 to take charge of the group’s agent business. Major product ranges include: Semiconductor / FPD / Touch Equipment & Material Agent, Nano Imprint Equipment Agent, Electron Beam Sterilization System Agent, Food Filling and Packaging Systems Agent, Infusion Bag and Filling Equipment Agent。


Gallant Precision Industries (SuZhou) Co.,Ltd.

1F, No. 56, Songshan Rd., Suzhou City
Jiangsu Province, China

TEL : 86-512-66616688 | FAX : 86-512-66651005

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the GPM Group, Gallant Precision Industries (GPI) was founded in Suzhou, China, in 1995. After cultivating the China market for nearly two decades, GPI has become a key operations, production, and service location of GPM in China. The major product ranges of GPI include FPD process equipment and automation equipment. GPI also provides professional OEM/ODM service with locations across central, northern and southern China.