GPM values talent cultivation and development, offering systematic training programs for our employees. By creating a learning environment with various opportunities, GPM helps the employees rapidly improve their professional skills, shorten the learning curve, and develop personal careers. Meanwhile, GPM also spares no effort to build internal training resources, training in-house lecturers and instructors for further talent cultivation.
Employee training

Constant learning

Firmly rooted in the ground


Improving competitiveness

  In the satisfaction survey, employee training received an average grade of 5.51
(out of 7)
Money spent on training NT$1,247,473
Comprehensive training programs
GPM incorporates innovation and learning into the company's culture and takes a particular interest in employee training. To encourage the employees to innovate and learn constantly, GPM offers training courses and a learning environment with various opportunities to help the employees rapidly improve their professional skills.
Sound education and training programs
E-learning Other than the existing in-classroom courses, starting in 2020, GPM introduced the E-learning system that provides learning opportunities for the employees regardless of time or space. The system has an expert check-in function, which makes learning more effective. So far, there have been61 teaching videos online.
Mentorship To help new employees get familiar with corporate culture and the environment, when hiring new employees, GPM assigns a senior colleague of the business unit with extensive experience as the mentor, allowing the newcomer to accumulate knowledge, work ethics, and skills from the mentor.
Incentives for certifications and further education GMP encourages employees to learn a second language and improve overall language proficiency, providing subsidies for employees acquiring the certification of English, Japanese, and other language proficiency certifications. So far, 22 employees have applied for such incentives.
Subsidies for in-service education To improve the professional skills of in-service employees, GPM encourages employees to seek further education, offering tuition subsidies and official business leave for employees taking classes to advance their professional capabilities.
(As of December 31, 2023,GPM has helped twoemployees acquire a master's degree and、twoemployee acquire a doctoral degree.)
Well-established performance management system
GPM conducts a semi-annual performance evaluation for all employees to cultivate talent and achieve the company's goals. The HR department provides training for supervisors to understand and internalize the importance of periodic evaluation fully and offers guidance in employee assessment and interview skills. HR also assists employees in career planning.

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