Environmental Protection
As humans pollute, the environment has begun to strike back with climate change. Environmental protection has become a critical issue that cannot be neglected. GPM has always focused on energy conservation, carbon reduction, waste reduction, and other efforts, working towards sustainability.
Water Consumption
  • GPM investigates water consumption monthly.
  • In 2022, product water testing and environmental cleaning have continued for half a year, so water consumption has increased.
  • In 2023, water consumption will trend downward.
Water-saving Measures
  • Research and development of water cycle machines to effectively reduce water consumption.
  • In 2021, Taiwan encountered a severe water shortage, and the water supply was insufficient in many areas. GPM, therefore, envisioned new water-saving measures.
  • GPM factory staff DIYed small-scale equipment to collect the filtered wastewater from the drinking fountain into a recycling bucket for reuse.GPM encouraged colleagues to reduce daily water consumption when washing items, mopping the floor, or watering plants.
Waste Management
  • GPM prioritizes recycled materials for packaging to improve waste management efficiency and reduce waste disposal's impact on the environment.
  • The remaining waste, considering the types of waste, is mainly incinerated.
  • We conduct ad-hoc or pre-arranged audits (per contract) compliant with government regulations for GPM's general waste vendors.