Social participation

As Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of precision machinery and equipment, GPM is committed to sustainability while in pursuit of a thriving business. We want to go into every corner of our society and help those in need. Other than charitable donations, we encourage our employees to participate in charitable causes and public service, giving back to society. Therefore, we founded the GPM Love charity association, whose mission is to “give back to society, sending love to every corner.” We aspire to care for those in need, little by little, and our efforts will create a great momentum for change in Taiwan!

3 key themes of Social participation
Social participation effectiveness
Scholarships for rural schools
Totaled subsidy for 2708 people
GPM subsidized rural elementary and middle schools scholarships. Elementary students graded above 80% received a scholarship of NTD $600, and middle school students graded above 75% received a scholarship of NTD $1000. In addition, we introduced the overall semester improvement award, dedicated to the students who have made the most progress but did not meet the standard score. The most improved students will receive the same amount in scholarships. A total of 2708 students from Huayuan Elementary School, Taoshan Elementary School, Jianshi Elementary School and Wufeng Elementary School were granted a total of NTD $2,114,400
National Colleges and Universities Intelligent Creation Award
8 consecutive years
GPM organized the Intelligent Creation Award, combining the power of academia and industry to influence the trend of industrial structure transformation. With the goal to assist junior college youths to enter the field of intelligent manufacturing, and promote the exchange of new knowledge with technology through observation and learning. The country cultivates outstanding smart manufacturing talents and design force to enhance industrial competitiveness.
Emergency relief donation
10consecutive years
When colleagues or the community are in need of emergency assistance, GPM members are eager to help. We invite colleagues to participate in fundraising activities for donation.
Industry-University Cooperation
Total of 4 cooperations
Donated NTD $300,000 to National Taiwan University Academic Encouragement Award and NTD $600,000 to the Outstanding Overseas Chinese Student Award
Donated NTD $1,500,000 to National Tsing Hua University Shuren Fund.
Yunke University Laboratory listed
A cumulative donation of NTD $160,000 for the special contest of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Zhongyuan University
Dazzling GPM Talent-
Summer Internship Program and internship programs

90 cumulative internships
For summer breaks, GPM has been hosting summer internship programs for GPM talent. These programs include real job interviews, results announcement, and a series of workplace training. The goal is to provide a smooth transition for students from campus to workplace. And there have campus internships in each colleges and universities. A total of 90 people have participated in these programs.
Physical education
Accumulated investment of NTD $125,015
Donated NTD $20,000 to Xiangshan National Rugby Team
Donated NTD $60,000 to Zhongping Elementary School Baseball Team
Sponsored Guishan Junior High School’s "Rotate and Ride, Take Off from the Heart" bicycle round-the-island project of NTD $30,000
Invited the Wufeng Junior High School baseball team to experience a real baseball match for NTD $15,015
Literary cultivation
Accumulated investment of NTD $313,480
Charity sale for Taoshan Elementary School NTD $160,100
The G-SAX Orchestra composed of high-level executives played the saxophone for Taoshan children
Aboriginal school children charity art gallery NTD $73,500 for 3 years
Other literary and artistic cultivation investments.
Charity care
Accumulated donations of NTD $3,001,405
Accumulatively purchased Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes for NTD $717,660
Accumulatively donated NTD $40,000to the Kenya International Volunteer Group of National Tsing Hua University.
Other public welfare investments.
Charity and public welfare

Donate to the TSMC Foundation in 2021
Invest NTD $300,000 in the "Zero-touch Inspection Station Fundraising Project" of the TSMC Foundation and SEMI.

Aboriginal Scholarships 2023
To reward rural students who are admitted to college, each student will receive a scholarship of NT$5,000.

2023 Rural Area Scholarship
Every semester, scholarships are provided for primary and secondary school students in remote townships with up to standard grades. Many students who received scholarships have been promoted to public universities.

2023Selling Charity Coffee

2023Charity Gallery

2023Sponsor African Schools

Industry-academia collaboration

National Tsing Hua University Shuren Fund
A total of NTD $1,500,000 was invested to help enhance the competitiveness of Tsinghua University College of Technology in recruiting talents, and at the same time increase opportunities for industry-university exchanges and cooperation.

Yunlin University of Science and Technology Laboratory Bulletin
2021 Yunlin University of Science and Technology Laboratory Bulletin Estimated investment of 3 million to 5 million NTD, from 2021 to 2024. Who have attended internships from GPM will receive a total of NTD $240,000 in scholarships.

2023 National Intelligent Creation Award for Colleges and Universities.
This competition is sponsored by GPM and is mainly selected for the most important projects of the government and the industry. Participating students can choose the topic of the competition that is related to smart automation.

NTU College of Engineering Academic Excellence Award
Sponsor the National Taiwan University College of Engineering Academic Award of NT$300,000 per year for a total of 10 years

2023 Tsinghua University Summer Camp held
Jointly organized the "Robot Dream Camp" experience camp with the DIT Robotics Team of Tsinghua University

2023 Taiwan Precision Engineering Topic and Paper Award
Sponsored the Taiwan Precision Engineering Society to invest NT$800,000 to handle precision engineering special topics and paper awards.

Talent Cultivation Platform

Sponsored the Zhongping Elementary School Character Baseball Team in 2022.
GPM believes that this sponsorship will not only help the team move forward, but also help Taiwanese children develop outstanding sportsmanship and become knowledgeable, courageous athletes.

Sponsor Xiangshan Junior High School Rugby Team in 2022
Cultivate Taiwan's rugby players and continue to promote the sports atmosphere.

2019 Taoshan Elementary School Charity Concert.
GPM’s first-level supervisor held a music exchange meeting with Taoshan Elementary School and assisted the choir in fundraising, giving students a development platform.