Sustainable Management
GPM adheres to the principle of corporate sustainability and has ventured into ESG, setting sustainability goals under the categories of Environment (E), Society (S), and Governance (G) according to UNSDGs. 
In 2024, GPM has verified ISO 14064-1:2018, aiming to collaborate with partners worldwide in tackling critical issues of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon management to address climate change.2022年永續報告書
Message from the Chairman

"Standing firm on corporate sustainability and fighting for our shared future"
In recent years, we have been disturbed by many external factors such as the COVID-19 epidemic, extreme climate changes, geopolitics and inflation. As a member of the Earth Citizens, we must shoulder the heavy responsibility of ESG and work together with the stakeholders of GPM to carry out sustainable development.".
GPM takes "integrity" as the core, upholds the corporate culture of "team, innovation, responsibility, and learning", and continues to deepen the field of ESG. In 2022, we will reorganize the Corporate Sustainability Committee and set up the Corporate Governance Committee, Risk Management Committee, Sustainable Supply Chain Committee, Environmental Sustainability Committee, and Social Inclusion Committee under it, hoping to achieve sustainable management goals through the division of labor. In 2022 of the same year, we carried out a mentoring program for the sustainability report. We disclosed our sustainability actions in accordance with the GRI guidelines and gradually introduced the principles of SASB and TCFD. It is hoped that all GPM colleagues can support the actions of the Corporate Sustainability Committee more.
GPM wet etching equipment has won the affirmation of the Taiwan Excellence Silver Award in 2023. It uses the principle of water circulation to reduce the water consumption of pure water cleaning and achieve the benefits of water resource protection. In the responsible supply chain, GPM requires suppliers to sign the "Supplier Social Responsibility and Integrity Commitment Letter" to ensure that the supply chain attaches importance to the principles of morality, human rights and green environment. We have set up a diversified welfare and talent cultivation system within the company. We hope that colleagues can make more use of the company's resources to develop potential capabilities and create a happy workplace together.
ESG is gradually integrated into GPM culture, and the verification of ISO 14064-1 2018 greenhouse gas inventory will be completed in 2023. This is just a start. A preliminary carbon reduction plan has been formulated. In addition to saving electricity and replacing old machines, it is also planning Install energy-saving equipment, improve product operation efficiency, and greatly reduce electricity consumption time to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We will continue to optimize, control risk issues, review solutions, and achieve systematic sustainable operations. I hope that all GPM colleagues will give full support and move towards the concept of ESG together, fully protect the company, society and the earth's environment, and become a good earth citizen.


Corporate Sustainability Committee Structure and Management
Corporate Sustainability Labels

“TALENT, in Taiwan” for talent sustainability in Taiwan

In order to create a more diverse, equal and inclusive workplace, we formally pledge our commitment to the TALENT, in Taiwan alliance for talent sustainability in Taiwan.

2022 Corporate Citizen Award by the Commonwealth Magazine

We continuously commit to ESG, devoted to corporate governance, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion. We aspire to be the beacon of operations sustainability for all corporations.

Corporate Health Responsibility – Committed Enterprise by the Common Health Magazine

We joined the Common Health Magazine's campaign as a committed enterprise to corporate health responsibility, striving to offer a more comfortable and healthy workplace and be a healthy and robust company.

Corporate Health Responsibility – CHR Gold Award by the Common Health Magazine

We won the recognition of the CHR Gold Award in 2021. Going forward, GPM will spare no effort in improving our employees’ health and monitoring their wellbeing. We want to keep our colleagues healthy!

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