Employee Communications and Wellbeing

We provide all sorts of communication channels, listening to the employees' voices and effectively passing on company news in real-time. To build a comfortable work environment, we aim to ensure clear communication among all parties, supporting the employees and their families' lives, health, and wellbeing.

Effective communication channels between the employer and the employees

General manager office's mailbox

Designated staff members gather, organize, and reply to the suggestions and recommendations employees send to the mailbox.

Employee conference

The quarterly employee conference offers the employees an opportunity to express their ideas, helping the company to do better.

Labor-management meeting

GPM regularly holds labor-management meetings to maintain a harmonious labor-management relationship, making the employees' voices heard.

Employee town halls

High-level executives host employee town halls listening to and understanding the employees' views.

Employee satisfaction survey

The annual employee satisfaction survey allows the employees to give suggestions and recommendations.

Measures to improve work-life balance

Comfortable environment

Free coffee machines
Free coffee machines
Health center
Employee cafeteria
Employee lounge space

Work-life balance

Congratulatory or consolatory allowances on the occasions of marriage, funeral, childbirth, new year, or folk festivals
Family day
Employee family group insurance
Appointed kindergarten
Work-life balancelectures


Annual health examinations exceeding the legal requirement
On-site medical clinic
Health-promoting events
Breastfeeding rooms, showers, blood pressure meters, and weight scales
Healthy group meals

A comfortable environment