Risk Management Policies
The Company has formulated Risk Management procedures. The Company analyzes the Company's current internal and external environment, looks into issues that concern stakeholders, and prepares responses for each business unit. This ensures that the management system (quality, environmental safety, health, and so forth) operates appropriately and can meet business requirements. The Company also aims to meet stakeholder demands, effectively realize the Company's products and services, and respond to potential risks and opportunities that arise when the environmental changes. Such efforts aim to improve business performance, maintain the Company's reputation, and ultimately achieve sustainable operations.
Corporate Governance Structure
Risk Management Category
The company's management system is connected to the internal and external environment, issues of interest to stakeholders, and major issues such as risk collection and analysis.
Operational Status

The Company started promoting the risk management mechanism in 2019 and has established many risk management measures, including the List of (Internal and External) Stakeholders and Issues of Concerns and the List for Risk Management.