Supplier Management
GPM is committed to driving the virtuous circle of the industry and the supply chain. The Company is devoted to developing a sustainable supply chain by actively working with supplier partners. The Company aims to ensure a safe work environment, the dignity of workers, and ethical operations of the supply chain. Also, the Company is committed to promoting environmental protection.
Implementation rules

01 Following guidelines

Suppliers must adhere to standards stated in the Affidavit for Supplier CSR and Integrity and expand the scope of compliance to their upstream suppliers. 

02 Risk Assessment

The Company assesses supply chain risk according to the Affidavit for Supplier CSR and Integrity.  The Company evaluated the compliance level using the "Sustainable Self-Assessment Survey" or assessed by the GPM team of experts.

03 Audit

Major suppliers are be required to be audited by third-party institutions or receive on-site audits by a team of experts from GPM.

04 Continuous improvement

The Company requires the suppliers to improve according to the Affidavit for Supplier CSR and Integrity and the audit results.
Major suppliers signed the Affidavit for Supplier CSR and Integrity
Signature rate as of 2023/12/31


Contractors that signed the Affidavit for Contractor Safety, Health, and Environmental Protection
Numbers of contractors as of 2023/12/31


Contractors participating in on-site safety and health training
Attendees as of 2023/12/31


Contractors participating in on-site supervision safety and health training
Qualification rate of on-site supervisors in 2023


On-site contractors participating in induction training
Promoting safety and health awareness
Contractors participating in a fire evacuation drills
The participation rate of factory workers in 2023


Contractors participating in AED+CPR first aid training
Percentage of attendees issued visitor's passes in 2023


Developing diversified supply sources
As of 2023/12/31


Major local suppliers using recyclable plastic pallets
The utilization rate of local suppliers using plastic pallets in 2023


Quality improvement supplier consultation
Number of companies completed consultation in 2023