Talent is GPM's most valuable asset. The company offers generous compensation and benefits, accommodating every need of our employees to create a comforting work environment for our employees and their families.

Salary and incentives
GPM offers diversified overall compensation, reviews salary levels regularly, and has a flexible reward and incentive program that adjusts compensation according to company performance. The aim is to incentivize personal career achievement and maximize the organization's value. By sharing company gains with employees, with a certain percentage of the company's annual profit allocated to employee bonuses, GPM aims to encourage innovation and teamwork among the employees.
Insurance and retirement
GPM adheres to the Labor Standard Act and Labor Pension Act when establishing the company's terms for retirement, providing stable pension contribution and payment. For foreign offices, GPM also adheres to local regulations of pension contribution. Every year, GPM commissions actuaries to ensure there are sufficient funds for full payments of the old pension scheme, safeguarding the employees' rights to their pension.
To further provide security for our employees, besides the labor insurance, national health insurance, and labor pension required by law, GPM also purchases group insurance for the employees, creating a reassuring work environment. GPM also provides foreign insurance packages for employees on international business trips or stationed abroad.
Benefits exceeding the legal requirement
Leave and Attendance Paid sick leave: 3 days
Volunteer time off
Leave for parents of first grade of elementary school
vitality leave
birthday leave
Insurance programs Group insurance (life, accident, accident/ medical, hospitalization/ medical, cancer/ medical)
Group overseas business travel insurance (accident, accident/medical, severe burns, emergency hospitalization, emergency, and clinic medical care, and third-party liability)
Covid insurance
Vaccine insurance
Employee benefits Travel allowance (within the country), education allowance, holiday allowance, Employee Welfare Committee, year-end annual banquets, meal subsidies, and business trip accommodations
Benefits and event highlights

2023 senior employee awarding ceremony
GPM gifted senior employees gold coins to show gratitude for their devotion to the company

2023GPM family day
GPM holds family day/ anniversary celebrations every year, inviting all employees to go on field trips together, connecting with one another.

2023 Christmas tea party
The annual Christmas afternoon tea party invites all employees to enjoy the holiday cheer.

Club activities
GPM has various sports clubs, where employee members play regularly, keeping a healthy habit.

Encourage employees to participate in sports events and receive sports subsidies to create a workplace sports atmosphere.

2023 International Women’s Day rose gifting
Every year on Women's day, the Chairman would personally present every female colleague with a rose to celebrate the day.